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Because of the Corona crisis, all language lessons are offered online!


Our Courses

Taalbureau Gibraltar specializes in English, Spanish, Dutch and Hungarian. You can take lessons individually or in a group. It is also possible to follow your lessons in Dutch, English, Hungarian, German or Spanish. Your teacher is qualified and has over 20 years experience in teaching!

See also Courses on Fridays in The Hague.

Individual lessons

Taalbureau Gibraltar offers individual language lessons in Bergschenhoek (Monday to Thursday). In The Hague (Statenkwartier Scheveningen) there are individual lessons on Fridays. Are you looking for individual lessons, tutoring or a crash course in English, Hungarian or Spanish? Then you’ve come Taalbureau Gibraltar to the right place!

Group lessons

Taalbureau Gibraltar also offers group lessons. In Bergschenhoek and on Friday in The Hague (Scheveningen) for a maximum of 5 participants.
Would you like to improve your language level in a small group? That is possible!


Taalbureau Gibraltar has years of experience with tutoring, especially at embassies, companies and the government. This may be the appropriate way for you to train your employees in English, Hungarian or Spanish. Or Dutch for your English-speaking colleagues. Incompany trainings are possible within the quadrangle The Hague – Zoetermeer – Delft – Rotterdam.


If you need a translation into English, Spanish, Dutch or Hungarian, please feel free to contact us.
Once your text is ready, it will always be checked by a native speaker.


Why learn with us?

Taalbureau Gibraltar provides individual and group lessons in Spanish, English, Hungarian and Dutch for non-native speakers. Classes can be in English, Dutch, or Spanish, depending on your preference.
Taalbureau Gibraltar has over 20 years of experience with students from all over the world!

We offer individual language lessons, group lessons and crash courses. In addition, we offer in-company training.

We work within the quadrangle The Hague – Zoetermeer – Delft – Rotterdam.

Flexibility: You get maximum flexibility when you take lessons here. This means that if you have to postpone or cancel a lesson or several lessons, you can do so without any cost, as long as you give it at least 24 hours notice.


It is also possible to follow tutoring in the mentioned languages. The current success rate is 98%!


The teacher you get is qualified at university level and has at least 10 years experience in teaching.


We have a free informal meeting a few times a year, where you can meet other students!


Lesson prices

Individual lesson

Price per 4 lessons: € 120,- (evening: € 160,-)

Group lesson

Price per 16 lessons: €245,- (evening: € 320,-)


€ 0.10 per word (including VAT)


Our locations

Group lessons and individual lessons are on Monday to Thursday in Bergschenhoek/Rotterdam and on Friday in The Hague (Scheveningen).
Content and time of individual lessons will be determined in consultation.

Couvéehuis, Frankenslag 139, Statenkwartier (Den Haag)

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Planciusdreef 28, Bergschenhoek (Rotterdam Noord)

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Contact Us

You can send an e-mail to taalbureaugibraltar@gmail.com or leave your message on the form below.

You can be 100% sure that you will be contacted within 24 hours!